SECONA SHIELD AWARDS, powered by secutech india and FIRE & SAFETY INDIA

SECONA announces Shield Awards 2020, powered by Secutech India


The sixth edition of the SECONA Shield Awards, powered by Secutech India, will be held on Friday, 8th May 2020, at the NSE Complex, Mumbai. 


Shield Awards recognize and honour the contribution of individuals, organisations and teams, in inculcating innovation and excellence. India is a unique country, with unique security risks, which require customized and tailor-made solutions to mitigate them. Hence, research and innovation in technology, specifically addressing Indian security challenges is a key factor that finds resonance in the final selection of Shield Awards.


Shield Awards are the first and the most widely popular awards in the Indian security & safety industry and have recognized the contribution of many “Superstars” – women and men, who work day and night to provide products, services and even ideas that make our communities truly safer. Past awardees vouch for the amazing stimulus received by their company and their brand after winning a SECONA Shield award. Being a finalist at the awards itself is a great achievement, looking at the hundreds of deserving nominations that we receive annually. 


Shield Awards 2020 will be presented in more than 30 award categories, including popular choice awards in two categories!


The awards will be presented at a glittering ceremony on Friday, 8th May 2020, during the Secutech India exhibition in Mumbai from 7 pm onwards, in front of hundreds of decision makers, thought leaders, influencers and stakeholders in the Security & Safety industry. This is THE event that the truly extraordinary people in the Indian security & safety industry wait for every year.


The applications for SECONA Shield Awards 2020 are now open!

    Terms & Conditions 


    • All applications must be submitted in English language via the online application form on the website.
    • Multiple entry forms should be used for multiple entries.
    • SECONA may ask for more information pertaining to the entry, in case necessary.
    • The per application fee of Rs. 2500 + GST (ie. Rs. 2950/-) or 50 USD can be paid online using the NEFT / wire transfer details as below:
      • A/c Name: ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Private Limited
      • A/c No.: 914020002698463
      • Bank Name: Axis Bank
      • Bank Address: Lokhandwala Branch, Mumbai
      • SWIFT Code: AXISINBB020
      • IFSC: UTIB0000020
    • Each application must be completed in full and received by SECONA on or before the closing date together with the application fee. Applications received after the closing date may be disqualified, in which case they will not be considered and the fee collected will be refunded.
    • In the event that an application is inaccurate or incomplete, or not accompanied by the application fee, and does not comply with these conditions for entry or is deemed, at the sole discretion of Jury, ineligible for any other reason, then the relevant application will be disqualified.
    • By submitting an application you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and you have the agreement of all parties associated that the application be made.
    • SECONA, ABEC or the Jury members will not be responsible or liable, financially or otherwise, in respect of any event related in any way to an application or the judging procedure.
    • SECONA, ABEC or the Jury members accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise (direct or indirect), for:
    • Any promise or indication made public before an Award is formally announced;
    • Any damage whatsoever caused by any actions taken in relation to any particular application relevant to the Shield Awards.
    • Jury’s decisions relating to short-listing and granting of awards in the course of judging the Shield Awards is final and SECONA will not enter into any correspondence or discussion with any applicants on the subject of shortlisting or the final awards nor will accept any submissions or representations or appeals with regard to such decisions.
    • Jury reserves at its sole discretion the right to:
    • Disqualify applications which do not comply with these conditions or for any other reason
    • Not to give away any particular award in any given Category
    • Move an Entry to another Category without notice, if Jury feels it would be better suited in the relevant Category
    • Disqualify any entry that is a collaboration of two or more companies that does not have the agreement of all parties for the entry
    • A shortlisted finalist shall be eligible for one entry pass per shortlisting to the Shield Awards 2020 ceremony at the NSE Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai, on Friday, 8th May 2020. For multiple entry passes, you can contact SECONA or ABEC.