About us


Security Consultants’ Association (SECONA) is a charitable trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Mumbai Public Trusts’ Act 1950. 


SECONA is engaged in knowledge sharing, training, awareness and benchmarking in the field of security technology. It was formed by security professionals who wanted to create a difference in the mindsets and skills of all the stakeholders in the security industry. SECONA undertakes free training sessions for various functionaries including security guards, end users, system integrators and consultants. 


SECONA has published free guidance documents pertaining to the application of security technology in social sectors such as educational institutions and religious premises. Since 2015, SECONA has also instituted awards for excellence in security technology called the Shield Awards. The focus of these awards is to recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations, in security. In particular, we promote the role of women in security and also encourage young students to bring their acumen into the industry.


SECONA conducts an annual event of security consultants (ASCM) to discuss issues of importance to the security technology industry. Important stakeholders – end users, consultants & OEMs are invited to the event to deliberate on ways to enhance the standards and raise awareness of security technology.