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Shield Awards 2018 – FAQs

  1. What are the “Shield Awards”?
    The “Shield” Awards have been instituted by SECONA, India’s first and only Security Consultants Association. They are powered by and held during Secutech India, which is India’s leading trade show on security & safety products. The Shield Awards seek to recognise and honour organisational and individual excellence that is prevalent in the Indian security & safety industry , which can inspire others to similarly excel.
  2. What is the purpose of Shield Awards?
    The purpose of “Shield” Awards is to come together to celebrate the spirit of excellence that drives the highly motivated individuals and organisations in the Security & Safety industry, whose ability to believe that they can and will make a difference sets them apart and rightfully earns them a distinguished position in the industry.
  3. What are the categories of Shield Awards?
    Refer to the Application Forms page.
  4. Who can submit a nomination form?
    The Shield awards are designed to recognise and honour excellence practised by all the stakeholders in the Security & Safety industry – including End Users, Consultants, OEMs and SIs. The awards are grouped in different categories based on the same. Both organisations and individuals can apply.
    For the first time, Shield Awards are now open to the Asia Pacific region! Individuals and corporates from the whole of Asia Pacific are encouraged to participate in the Shield Awards 2018, in the various award categores.
  5. Is there an application fee?
    A token fee of Rs. 1500/- + GST (a total of Rs. 1770/-) is charged per Shield Award application. For applicants from outside India, the application fee per application is 30 USD.
  6. How should the application fee be paid?
    The Application fee should be paid online via NEFT details as below:
    A/c Name: ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Private Limited
    A/c No.: 914020002698463
    Bank Name: Axis Bank
    Bank Address: Lokhandwala Branch, Mumbai
    IFSC: UTIB0000020
  7. What is UTR Number?
    UTR No. is Unique Transaction Reference ( 16 digit – alpha numeric code) which you receive after the NEFT is done.
  8. What is the mode of payment for International Participants?
    The International Participants  need to make payment via. wire transfer. The amount to be paid is 30 USD
  9. Can the application fee be sent by cheque or demand draft or cash?
    No, fee paid by Cheque/Demand draft/Cash will not be accepted. It needs to be paid through NEFT only
  10. Why is there no application form for some of the award types in Group VI ?
    Some of the the Group VI awards are special awards and only by nomination. If you need to nominate any individual in any of the award types in Group VI, please send an email to
  11. Will multiple nominations within an award type increase a nominee’s chance of receiving the Shield Award?
    No. Multiple nominations will not guarantee success. Each application form will be scrutinised to evaluate the contribution of innovation and pathbreaking nature. Relevance to the Indian market will be specifically appreciated, although products launched outside India can also be nominated.
  12. What is the process of selecting the Shield award winners?
    All application forms and nominations received within the last date of submission will be scrutinised and adjudged by SECONA.
  13. What is the last date of submission of the application form?
    15th March 2018 is the last date of submission of the application forms.
  14. Can I send the application forms via post / courier?
    No. Application Forms for Shield Awards 2018 must be submitted online.
  15. How do I know that my (Company/Product/Project) is nominated for award?
    All shortlisted nominations for each award category will be intimated in advance by email. The list of shortlisted nominations will also be posted online on the SECONA website
  16. Will I be intimated in advance if my application wins the award?
    No. The awards will be announced on 6th April 2018 at the Shield Awards ceremony at the NSE Complex, Goregaon, Mumbai.
  17. What will be the benefits to the Shield Awards 2018 winners?
    Each Shield Award winner will receive a trophy, and a certificate, apart from the recognition of being one of the best in the industry.
  18. How can I attend the Shield Awards ceremony on 6th April 2018?
    Each shortlisted nomination will get one free Entry pass for the exclusive and highly anticipated Shield Award ceremony on 6th April 2018. Additional Entry passes will be available for Rs. 3000 + GST, per entry pass.