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SECONA Certified Security Manager (SCSM)

The SCSM course trains Security Managers, Security Supervisors, Security Officers, & Management Trainees to become efficient, technology-oriented Certified Security Managers who can manage the entire security in complex environments.


  • Certification by SECONA, The Association of Independent Security Consultants
  • Focus on practical training in the World’s first Security Technology Experience Center partnered by Industry Leaders.
  • Focus on Practical Exercises & Case-studies
  • Credit Points based system that recognizes Individual Scores in Viva, Soft-skills, Contribution in Industry-sponsored R&D activities, attendance in Industry Seminars/ Conferences.
  • Trained by leading Consultants from India & Overseas
  • Training at over 5 acres sea-side resort-like campus


  • Graduation
  • Ex Armed Forces/ Ex Police/Paramilitary Professional with min. 2 years of experience working as Lieutenant in Indian Army or Equivalent
  • Any Security Professional having an experience of over 10 years working as Security Manager/Officer/Supervisor
  • Any Industry-sponsored Professional


The course Structure is based on Credit Points. Any candidate securing 60% qualifying credit points is eligible to get the Certification from SECONA. The Certification is valid for a period of 2-years & the candidates are required to get themselves re-assessed through the SECONA-CEP (Continuing Education Program). The Credit Points Matrix is as follows:

Sr. No.

Criteria SCSM
Hrs/ Cr.Pt. Credit Points
1 Classroom Training 2 20
2 On-field Training (Practical) 2 20
3 SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 5
4 Examination 25
5 Project Presentation 10
6 Viva 10
7 Practical Exercises & Presentation 10
Continuing Education Program
1 Examination 10
2 Attendance in SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 10
3 Project Presentations 10



  1. Classroom Training 2 20
  2. On-field Training (Practical) 2 20
  3. SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 5
  4. Examination 25
  5. Project Presentation 5
  6. Viva 10
  7. Practical Exercises & Presentation 10
  8. Contribution in SECONA Recognised R&D Initiatives 5


Continuing Education Program

  1. Examination 10
  2. Seminars & Conferences 10
  3. Project Presentations 5
  4. Contribution in R&D 5



The entire Course duration is divided into 2 distinct phases:

Level I – 5-Day Program
Level II – 12-Day Program

Candidates are allowed to select the program during the given academic year (Jan-Dec) based on the seat availability.

Course Content:

Understanding Security Systems (Video Surveillance Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control Systems, Physical Screening/ Detection Systems, Command & Control Systems, Disaster/ Crisis Management, Emergency Communication, Protocols & Standards, Identity Management, Data/ Information Security); Threats, Risks & Vulnerability Analysis; Designing Security Systems; Evaluating & Procuring Security Systems; Security Project Management; Maintaining & Managing Systems; Legal Aspects; Security focused construction practices; Developing Security Policy & Protocols; Security Agency & HR Management ; Security Management (Security Principles & Management); Intelligence & Investigations; Collaboration; HazMat Protection; VIP / Event Security; Hostile Environment; First Aid; Situational Awareness; Venue/campus based Security; Industry Specific security; Management & Planning for Security Incidents; Supporting Skills; Security Planning & Review & Case Studies