SECONA Certified Security Engineer (SCSE)

The SCSE course is designed for engineers working in the security field & fresh engineers wishing to develop their careers as qualified & certified engineers; a qualification that is recognised by the entire security industry in India. The certified engineers shall be able to independently design & implement the entire security system for an organization or can work in a team (with SI or OEM) to develop complex security set-ups.


  • Certification by SECONA, The Association of Independent Security Consultants
  • Focus on practical training in the World’s first Security Technology Experience Center partnered by Industry Leaders.
  • Focus on Practical Exercises & Case-studies
  • Credit Points based system that recognizes Individual Scores in Viva, Soft-skills, Contribution in Industry-sponsored R&D activities, attendance in Industry Seminars/ Conferences.
  • Trained by leading Consultants from India & Overseas
  • Training at over 5 acres sea-side resort-like campus


  • Engineering Graduate, Diploma-holder
  • Any Security Professional having an experience of over 5 years working as Security Engineer/ Support Engineer/ Pre-sales Professional
  • Any Industry-sponsored Professional


The course Structure is based on Credit Points. Any candidate securing 60% qualifying credit points is eligible to get the Certification from SECONA. The Certification is valid for a period of 2-years & the candidates are required to get themselves re-assessed through the SECONA-CEP (Continuing Education Program). The Credit Points Matrix is as follows:

Sr. No. Criteria SCSE
Hrs/ Cr.Pt. Credit Points
1 Classroom Training 2 20
2 On-field Training (Practical) 2 20
3 SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 5
4 Examination 25
5 Project Presentation 10
6 Viva 10
7 Practical Exercises & Presentation 10
Continuing Education Program
1 Examination 15
2 Attendance in SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 5
3 Project Presentations 10
  1. Classroom Training 2 20
  2. On-field Training (Practical) 2 20
  3. SECONA Recognised Seminars & Conferences 5
  4. Examination 25
  5. Project Presentation 5
  6. Viva 10
  7. Practical Exercises & Presentation 10
  8. Contribution in SECONA Recognised R&D Initiatives 5

Continuing Education Program

  1. Examination 10
  2. Seminars & Conferences 5
  3. Project Presentations 10
  4. Contribution in R&D 5



The entire Course duration is divided into 2 distinct phases:

Level I – 5-Day Program
Level II – 12-Day Program

Candidates are allowed to select the program during the given academic year (Jan-Dec) based on the seat availability.

Course Content:

Data /Video Communication; Voice Communication; Server Systems; System Architecture; Video Surveillance Systems; Access Control System; IDS; Physical Screening/ Detection Systems; Visitor Management System; Disaster Management System; GIS/ GPS Systems; Biometric Systems; Identity Management; C4i Systems; IT/ Data Security; Standards & Protocols; Alarm Management; Remote Viewing; IVA; Designing Security Systems; Drawing & Representation; Project Management; System maintenance; System Evaluation & Procurement; Case Studies