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Security Testing Laboratory

The Security Testing Laboratory established by SECONA at its ASTRA campus provides the following services to the security industry.

Third-party Validation of Product Specifications

Tall, unsubstantiated claims, verbal or written, made by many Sis & OEMs is a constant challenge faced by the buyers of the security technologies. The learned buyers are, many a times, on the look out for authentic third-party validators who can objectively verify such claims.

To meet one of the primary objectives of SECONA, the ASTRA facility at Navi Mumbai has set-up a Security Testing Laboratory to provide various verification/ validation services for the buyers of the security technologies & equipment.

Analysis of Incident Data/Records (Electronic)

In today’s technology-oriented world, various law enforcement agencies & city administrators are relying on use of technologies in their respective areas of operation. In many instances, the agencies lack the required expertise or facilities to analyse the incident data gathered/generated by such technologies.

With its team of experienced researchers & consultants, SECONA’s Security Testing Laboratory is fully equipped to handle the data analysis job to generate the required tamper-free evidence.

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Research Partnering

SECONA has one of the most experienced team of research analysts, engineers & investigators in the entire industry. With its knowledge & resource partnerships with world’s leading research laboratories & institutions, it is in a position to partner with any industry or government supported/funded research projects, custom test plans & inter-institutional studies.

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