POC Assistance

SECONA has built a world-class security experience center & security Testing Laboratory for the benefit of the industry at its astra facility in Navi Mumbai.

The 5.5 acre astra campus is an ideal location for testing & verifying technologies in real-world scenarios that imitates industrial, institutional, forest or coastal security environments. Additionally, the facility has also created simulatory environments for specialized applications like vehicular, pedestrian entrance gates, visitor registration areas, bank ATMs, transport security, traffic junctions etc.

Customers can avail of these facilities to –

  • Conduct Proof-of-Concept for their technologies under evaluation
  • Experience various features as well as techno-operational challenges faced by the technologies/equipment in real-world scenarios
  • Compare the performance of various equipment
  • Understand the model way to deploy & use the technologies
  • Interact with SECONA consultants to gain in-depth technological understanding

Please contact us at seconaASSIST@secona.org