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SECONA – Security Consultants’ Association – is the first association in India, which has created a unique collaboration platform for independent security consultants to tackle the various challenges faced by the Indian Security Industry.
In a path-breaking initiative for the security industry, SECONA has launched a|s|t|r|a – the Academy of Security Technology Training Research and Application – which aims to:

  • Develop a fully integrated Security Experience Center
  • Undertake Training & Certification courses in Security Technologies
  • Establish a Security Testing Laboratory for Research & Standardisation


The a|s|t|r|a center will be a bustling place for activities related to security technologies.

Some of the planned activities include:

  • Security demonstrations
  • Technology presentations
  • Training sessions
  • Security events
  • CSO roundtables
  • Industry specific security shows
  • Informal gatherings
  • Club a|s|t|r|a Activities & Events

CLUB a|s|t|r|a

CLUB a|s|t|r|a is an exclusive membership club for security customers, users and technology professionals. It will serve as an informal meeting place for security professionals from all industries to meet, share and explore best practices in the field of security. CLUB a|s|t|r|a will hold monthly meetings and seminars for members with a dedicated focus on security technologies.