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  • To elevate the respect for, and promote the welfare of, all its members through the enhancement of their knowledge, skills & professionalism
  • To encourage the adoption of best & ethical practices in the security industry
  • To ensure the creation of a platform for sharing & dissemination of security procedures & technologies, for the benefit of the end-users and the society at large

Goals & Objectives

  • To protect the interests of the members
  • To develop uniform quality in consulting practices
  • To develop standards & guidelines
  • To engage in HRD in security & safety field
  • To engage in public awareness about security & safety
  • To actively assist government in framing norms, acts, rules, notifications & guidelines
  • To create and engage in public networking opportunities for image enhancement
  • To provide a common platform for dialogue and discussion for all the stakeholders on issues of mutual and at times, emergent interest
  • To speak with a common voice to the Local Governing/Regulatory Bodies about industry grievances, challenges and expectations
  • To encourage the use of best practices in terms of quality and standards
  • To network and liaison with security industries / associations around the world for benchmarking / betterment
  • To develop & provide data & information on the status of the security industry
  • To enhance HR practices within the industry, with a focus on nurturing and attracting talent
  • To promote the incidence of value addition in the consulting practices thereby improving the industry’s competitiveness and appeal
  • To act as a repository of statistical data pertaining to the international scenario for security & safety industry
  • To ensure better adherence to environmental norms of the day and promote better environmental practices
  • To support governmental as well as private end-users in their efforts to inculcate sustainable & fair purchasing practices
  • To collaborate actively with research institutes globally with a view to improve products quality.
  • To encourage fairness and transparency within the stakeholders by promoting dialogue and thereby reduce competitive friction