Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the SECONA Shield Awards 2019 powered by Secutech India! Congratulations to all the deserving winners and to all the finalists as well!

Security Technology Training

SECONA Certified Security Professional -
Course Dates - 16th & 17th May 2019 at Mumbai. Click below to explore more details.

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The SECONA Shield awards are the first awards in the Indian security and safety technology sector to recognize excellence.

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SECONA releases security technology guideline documents from time to time for various important sectors.

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SECONA – the Security Consultants’ Association – is the first association in India, which has created a unique platform for independent security consultants. Established in 2012, SECONA provides a path-breaking platform for likeminded security professionals to come together and tackle challenges faced by the Indian security industry.
SECONA is a non-profit entity registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. It is managed by a Governing Council consisting of reputed security and management experts in India and has received foundation support from several leading OEMs of security technologies throughout the world.
Amongst the many activities and programs initiated by SECONA are the much anticipated Shield Awards, the first awards in India that recognise excellence in the Security & Safety industry and the Annual Security Consultants Meet – or the ASCM, which is a unique international event for thought leaders in the Indian security industry.